Coming Soon:

The album that needs a new title because somebody used the one I liked!


Rob has been planning an album for actual years...

Yeah, like, a billion years. I don't know why I'm telling you about this in the third person. I have indeed been planning an album for years, but then I got scared. I know, I know you guys, I still do comedy all the time, who's afraid of a little music making? Well I was. So, in the dark, sitting on the floor of my condo, and more recently lurking in my wood panelled basement, I painstakingly wrote and recorded, like, a billion songs, and I think about 10-12 of them are worth sharing.

So, before 2017 is over, I hope, I'll have a fancy pants album to share. There are love songs, and serious songs, and two sci-fi songs, and one song about being stranded at sea with someone for way too long... There's songs. Stop by the newsletter page, and sign up!

Oh, and I don't know if it's going to be called "Better Late Than Never", because there's a chance I'll name after the first 50 people who send me $100 to master and release it. So it might be called "Better Late Than Never, thanks to Rick, Bob, Janet, Louise, Chaddd, Farblegarsh, Muuuuunpie,Gary, etc...". You should sign up for the newsletter so you will be the first to know. NEWSLETTER!